Nadja Now

Najda Now is a Syrian humanitarian relief and development foundation that works on providing assistance and aid to the victims of disasters and armed conflicts/wars, regardless of race, religion, political beliefs, or ideological convictions.

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Program Information

Dabkeh DanceChildren will engage with different cultural activities, with the Syrian Dabkeh dance being the highlight. 8-12 years

Story of Resilience

It started with dance – the Dabkeh dance of Syria – and became community. At the first Dabkeh event, said Nadja Now coordinator Nada Humsi, it was difficult to find enough people to participate. Three years later, the dancers have become friends and regularly meet for picnics, card games, and evening swims in the summer. “Before Dabkeh, nobody ever knocked on my door,” said one participant. “Now this group is my life.”

Nadja Now is a non-profit formed in response to the conflict in Syria. Initially the group focused on supporting people in that country, then helping refugees make their way to Canada and get settled. Today the focus has expanded to supporting newcomers to Canada from many different backgrounds.

As well as the Dabkeh events – which include entire families – Nadja now is also running programs for children aged five to 12 years. Called Hand in Hand, this group will include games, art, stories, movies and activities as well as dance.
“The main thing is that the kids will have fun,” says Nada.

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