Summer Celebration of the Arts

Posted: June 3, 2021

Every year we host a Celebration of the Arts event to showcase the work that the kids have accomplished while attending our Creative Space, Music Academy, and Players Theatre programs.

Since the Resilience Project began in 2014 more than 500 children have had the opportunity to participate in Art based programming provided through some of our partner agencies including Family & Children’s Services.

These programs provide children in our community with a sense of belonging in their community and with their peers, as they have the opportunity to share their work with others and receive encouragement about their efforts. It is often not easy for any of us to get up in front of an audience and perform, whether it is speaking or performing in other ways. The opportunity to perform is an important component of our Resilience Project.

The Arts programming also provides participants with a sense of security, as they were able to use their artistic skills in a way that fosters a positive outlook on their abilities, as well as learn that it is better to make mistakes than to not try at all.

Kids & youth paint, draw, sing, perform and color in Resilience Project Creative Arts, Music Academy & Player's theatre groups. We come together to celebrate all those talents & support the kids & youth in becoming resilient. Do you want to be part of this?